One of the most prevalent challenges for individuals with autism spectrum disorder is in the area of social skills. This includes difficulty with observational skills, eye contact, play interactions, social pragmatics, taking another’s perspective, making inferences, and sharing enjoyment and building relationships.

Lifespan ABA, Inc. offers social skills groups for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder according to age and current consumer demand. These groups are facilitated by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and peer mediated; meaning that typically developing peers are integrated into the group to serve as models and “helpers” in a naturalistic, play based manner.

BCBA provides the expertise, curriculum, and guidance while typically developing peers naturally encourage engagement and interaction with appropriate coaching from the BCBA. Many children on the autism spectrum learn from both adult guided interventions, as well as from peers in a structured and safe environment. Peers are age appropriate models for social skills, interests, emotional responses, and variety of other skills. Embedding peers into social instruction provides a more naturalistic way for a child with autism to practice social interaction and social-communication skills while making new friends.