LifeSpan ABA, Inc. offers sibling groups for brothers and sisters who have a sibling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  These groups are facilitated by an ABA therapist/tutor and geared towards a small group (4 to 6) of children ages 9-12 (other age groups may be available in the future).  The groups are time limited and meet weekly for about 7-8 sessions that last an hour and fifteen minutes.  The goals of the group are to help children learn about autism, meet other children “in their shoes,” and be able to share information and ask questions in a safe environment.  The group incorporates visual and written materials, use of media, activities and games, and simulated exercises to help one experience what it may be like to have a disability.  There is a parent meeting after the group.  The last session is a fun outing for the group.  There will be a $20.00 fee per session, with the exception of the outing which only entails the cost of the activity.